Valerie Rind

Valerie Rind

Personal Finance & Lifestyle Writer

Expert on credit, debt, banking, taxes, retirement, end-of-life, and divorce. Author of award-winning book: Gold Diggers and Deadbeat Dads: True Stories of Friends, Family, and Financial Ruin.

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11 Mistakes That Void Your Warranty | GOBankingRates

11 Mistakes That Void Your Warranty | GOBankingRate...

How Much It Costs to Retire in the Year You Were Born ...

How Much It Costs to Retire in the Year You Were Bo...

5 Perks of Peer-To-Peer Lending

5 Perks of Peer-To-Peer Lending

Have You Budgeted for Death? - CentSai

Have You Budgeted for Death? - CentSai

Property & Real Estate Archives - CentSai

Property & Real Estate Archives - CentSai

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5 Reasons Getting a Personal Loan for Holiday Shopping Is Smarter Than Using Credit Cards | GOBankingRates

Short-term financing is better than long-term debt. Find out how a personal loan can be a better option than credit cards to pay for your holiday shopping this season....

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7 Tax Strategies the Rich Don't Want You to Know About | GOBankingRates

The rich know all about tax loopholes, tax write-offs and tax deductions. Here are some strategies you can use to save money when doing your taxes next year....

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How This Couple Used the "The Lazy Man's Method" to Double Their Savings | GOBankingRates

Hiring a professional advisor can help you plan, set and reach your financial goals. See how one advisor helped a millennial couple more than double their savings....

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How to Stop Bad Money Habits in Your Relationship | GOBankingRates

Money and relationships are a tricky subject matter, especially if there are bad money habits involved. Here's how to develop better money habits in your relationship....

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Personal Finance Expert Advice | GOBankingRates

5 days ago ... Discover how 11 highly successful people start their days and learn morning habits to help you succeed. By Valerie Rind; December 31, 2015 ......

GOBankingRates | Compare the Best Interest Rates & Best Bank Rates Today

Get expert advice and personal finance news. Browse the best interest rates from over 5,000 local, national, and online banks and credit union from

Bad money habits article

40 Money Habits That Can Leave You Broke | GOBankingRates

Money saving tips come in all flavors. Here we tell you 40 ways you’re wasting money, so you can figure out how to stop....

The Huffington Post

31 Tips When Doing Your Own Taxes

By Valerie Rind, Contributor With tax filing season well underway, you might feel like you're getting buried in the details, especially if you're doing your own taxes. In addition to all the inf......

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The Huffington Post

WATCH: My Ex-Husband Depleted My Life Savings

While everyone wants to help a loved one in need, lending money to family members runs the risk of negatively reshaping the dynamic in those relationships. Valerie Rind learned that the hard way wh......